How to make French meringue, recipe in 4 steps

how to make French meringue

The French meringue , too known as "sigh" is a mixture of sugar and egg white that is used in many desserts, both for decoration and filling.

It is the most basic version to make meringue, since it is prepared in raw and it carries only the two mentioned ingredients.

There are other types of meringues like Italian and Swiss, which include cooking during its preparation.

French meringue can be used as decoration and filling of cakes and cupcakes.

You can prepare it very easily by doing the 4 steps that we explain in this recipe or you can add a fifth step: bake it at low temperature to lightly solidify its surface.

Tip: whisk egg whites by hand.

This recipe includes cream of tartar, an ingredient that is used to stabilize a little the Meringue. If you do not have it available, do not worry, proceed to prepare it without him.

This recipe for how to make French meringue is from the confectioner Ana Dávila.

cupcake with French meringue
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How to make French merengue in 4 steps

Easy and quick recipe for preparing French meringue.of cream tartar.


  1. Beat the whites together with the cream of tartar until they look frothy.
  2. Add the refined sugar in the form of rain until firm peaks form.
  3. Manually add the glass sugar in an envelope.
  4. Fill a sleeve Pastry and decorating.