Recipe of homemade chocolate cookies: the best!

Chocolate cookies are definitely the most delicious of all.

You can give me a bag of these cookies and I'll eat it in 10 minutes and I'll want more, always more.

The good thing is that making homemade chocolate cookies is very, very, very easy, and anyone, even a child - with adult supervision - can prepare them without difficulty.

Basically what you need is to know the right measures, have a well-functioning oven and of course, have a lot of appetite.

Easy and delicious chocolate cookies

Below I explain how to prepare homemade chocolate cookies in its most basic version. Below I give you some tips to improve them even more. And of course, you can always be creative and make them in different shapes and sizes. That's a lot of fun 🙂

With this recipe you're going to get out ... a lot!Continue mixing until a homogenous dough forms.

  • Take a baking sheet and put a layer of vegetable paper.
  • Knead small balls, the size of a ball of golf, put them on the tray and crush them with a fork, spoon or with your fingers. Make sure there is space between each of the cookies before putting them in the oven.
  • Now simply bake for 20 minutes.
  • Remember that some ovens cook faster than others so this time of 20 minutes could be less in your case, you should be careful with this.
  • Once the cookies are ready, remove them from the tray, knead more balls, crush them and continue baking until they are all done.
  • Let them sit at room temperature. They can be stored in the fridge, but they will get very hard later. My recommendation is that you eat them in one sitting and store them in a cool and dry place.

    Enjoy delicious homemade chocolate cookies very easy.

    how to make easy chocolate cookies

    Some ideas for you to make super chocolate cookies


    You can make your chocolate cookies even richer and original with one of these ideas:

    1. To the cookie dough, just before making the balls, put pieces chocolate milk, or any chocolate bar.
    2. You can also put pieces of nuts.
    3. Put blueberries.
    4. One teaspoon of cinnamon powder in the mixture gives a delicious aromatic touch.
    5. Put half a nut to each of the cookies after being crushed on the tray.
    6. Put them M & Ms!

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