How to make hummus, homemade recipe

Hummus is the perfect chickpea cream to take as an aperitif to meetings with friends or to serve it at home as dip to spread on some slices of toast, or better still with pita bread.

It is also a 100% vegan recipe.

Hummus homemade recipe

This original preparation of the Middle East is totally vegetarian, and mixes ingredients that we almost always have at home.

Something that is obvious: chickpeas are the main product. In this case we will need them previously cooked. You can buy them in the supermarket already ready.

For this hummus of chickpeas we will also need sesame paste, it is known as tahini, you can buy it in a supermarket, but you can also prepare it yourself . If you want to make it at home, here is the link:

  • Tahini recipe
 hummus recipe
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Home hummus: easy recipe

Surprise your guests or friends with this recipe of hummus step by step, totally prepared by you.
Recipe type Dips, jams ...I always opt for the simple way: use a kitchen robot to process all the ingredients. I start by adding the grains.
  • The next thing will be to peel the garlic and add it to the robot of kitchen.
  • Then we will add the tahini paste, the lemon juice and the spices (not including paprika powder, in case you have decided to use it). We'll start with a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of cumin and a pinch of pepper.
  • Now we will slowly grind the ingredients to obtain a paste, while we are dropping a thread of olive oil, as the chickpeas are processed. In this way, our mixture of anger turning into a kind of cream.
  • A Once obtained a homogenous, creamy and creamy mixture, we will stop the process, including the olive oil thread.
  • Now we will taste our hummus to see if the seasoning is correct. If necessary, we will correct it with more spices and we will mix everything again very well.
  • To serve the hummus we will use a bowl. To decorate the cream, we can sprinkle lightly with paprika powder or sweet pepper and with a thread of olive oil, circular shape.
  • That's it. You already know how to make homemade hummus.

    hummus recipe

    Cooking of the chickpeas for hummus

    To obtain the cooked chickpeas we need for the hummus recipe, we have several options.

    The quickest is to buy canned chickpeas. It may be the most practical option, but in no case is it the most tasty or the freshest.

    The other option is to cook chickpeas at home. For this we can arm ourselves with a bag of dried chickpeas, and let them soak one night, to begin to soften them.

    The next day, we will wash it well and we will cook it in a large pot, for 2 hours, with an amount of water that exceeds the level of the grains inside the saucepan (at least 3 centimeters). The most orthodox chefs change even the cooking water after the first 10 minutes. To flavor them, you can use one or two bay leaves and a little salt.

    If we want to go faster, we can use an express pot, and let them cook for 45 minutes.

    Then you have to remove the water and they will be ready to be used. Regarding this point, there are two schools: one that systematically removes the transparent skin of each grain, at hand, and another that ignores it completely.

    I literally followed the first line and removed the skin of each chickpea grain. Someone recommended me to try the hummus recipe without doing this, and I can certify that the result will be almost the same 🙂

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