15 Recipes with chorizo, homemade and delicious

Here is a list of recipes with homemade chorizo ​​, ideal for any time but especially when the weather is cold and you need extra calories.

It is important to clarify that all these recipes of chorizo ​​ are full of calories, and that is precisely their mission: a powerful and delicious recharge of energy for your body.

Welcome to the world of stews and meals forceful whose main ingredient is chorizo!

recipes with chorizo

Recipes with delicious and powerful chorizo ​​

Potatoes a la Rioja: a good way to eat chorizo ​​is with potatoes and peppers. Besides being a very easy recipe to prepare, it has a powerful dose of calories, which makes it ideal for cold weather.

Cocido Madrileño: and speaking of strong foods, nothing beats the king of the boiled . It is prepared with chickpeas, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, veal, chicken and pork. And of course, chorizo.

Asturian fabada: if in Madrid there is a stew, in Asturias the fabada. Stunning traditional food of the whole region with two main ingredients: fabes and Asturian chorizo.

Galician stock: in Galicia do not stay with arms crossed watching how locals and Asturians prepare separate stews. The Galician soup is a delight. It is prepared with ingredients from the region, including the Galician chorizo.

Chorizo ​​a la cider: its name leaves no doubt about what this traditional Asturian recipe is about. It is usually served as a tapa and it is better accompanied with bread to dip it in the sauce 🙂

Lentils with chorizo: one of those typical dishes of our grandmothers. Delicious, nutritional and easy to prepare. You can use almost any type of chorizo ​​for cooking.

Chickpeas with chorizo: another simple recipe with chorizo, similar to lentils but with chickpeas.

Potaje de beans pints with chorizo: Pinto beans are, for many, the best legume to savor. Get a good chorizo ​​and you will have a recipe of 10.

White beans with chorizo: it seems that the chorizo ​​and the vegetables are inseparable. And well, maybe yes. The white beans are very nice on the plate painted by the delicious fat that leaves chorizo ​​in the broth.

Pot rotten: the name may inspire you fear, but you do not have to: it is a cooked from the Spanish gastronomy of past eras. It is made with different parts of the pork, and of course, chorizo.

Potatoes revolconas: although this dish is usually prepared with torreznos, you can also use chorizo. Simply substitute one ingredient for the other, or better yet, use both!

Migas: a dish whose raw material is bread, specifically bread crumbs (hence its name), which are fried in oil and they put chorizo ​​and pepper on them. Simple but effective.

Broken eggs: for me this is one of the best foods that exist. It has everything we want in our body: chips, fried eggs and chorizo. healthy? Bueeeee ... amazing!

Portuguese green broth: one of the most famous dishes of Portugal, is prepared with mashed potatoes, cabbage (also known as Galician cabbage) and Portuguese chorizo.

Tortilla with chorizo: the traditional tortilla of potatoes can be made with some pieces of the delicious meat sausage.

Let's not doubt, the recipes with chorizo ​​are wonderful, always. It is a magical ingredient that makes everything you eat delicious.

You can prepare from a simple bread stuffed with chorizo ​​to one of the traditional cooked Spanish cuisine mentioned in this post, the flavor will always be strong and you'll want to repeat.

Just do not forget that chorizo ​​is a high-calorie sausage.